The everyday

Welcome to those newly following this site. One of the first sections of readings in our prayer book is on “the everyday.” Here is a thought from one of the authors most influential in shaping our life together at SSU:

“If we are to remain faithful to the daily round,
we need daily manna. It may be ordinary, a bit
tasteless. But it is the manna of fidelity to the
covenant, to responsibility, to the small things
of everyday life. It is the manna of meetings, of
friendship, of looks and smiles that say ‘I love you’
that warm the heart.”

– Jean Vanier – Community and Growth

One thought on “The everyday”

  1. This is beautifully articulated and so appropriate for the SSU community! I love the expression, “fidelity to the covenant” – it connotes a deep sense of caring for one another and for our collective commitment to community.

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