spiritual pornography

Gratitude and affirmation are in short supply. Sadly, I must admit that I am not only ingratitude’s victim but also its perpetrator. Often I have shrugged off gratitude while embracing discontent. Usually I can justify this in the name of “vision” or “unmet potential”….

How many times have I wished I were somewhere else where God was REALLY moving? how many times have I longed to be in a more beautiful place (with mountains or an ocean) and abandon the urban neighborhood where I live? How many times have I fantasized about the perfect fellowship where everyone got along like a perfect family. What this boils down to is spiritual pornography… creating a mental fantasy of a perfect place or people and not recognizing the good things all around me. This spiritual porn is my nemesis. It’s poison. Thankfully, the antidote is available and accessible: equal parts of gratitude and affirmation.

– Kevin Rains, quoted by Christine Pohl in Living into Community

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