one spirit held communally

In sharing [spiritual understandings/belief], in giving it away, you really own it for yourself and appreciate more fully its value, beyond what you ever imagined.

This Substantial Mystery is a mystery of participation and never of private ownership, Maybe that is why, alongside trying to be faithful to our individual daily prayer, we also commit ourselves to meditating in groups, almost as if to recognize that whatever has happened is not just happening in me, but is happening in us together. The One Spirit is held communally. It is important to experience Spirit in this way, or we can easily become ego-inflated, thinking that “I am so contemplative.” The goal is to lessen the fortress of “I,” not strengthen the “I” in any apartness or superiority. There is a deep symbiosis in the Body of Christ between the one who thinks he or she is giving and the one who thinks he or she is receiving.

– Richard Rohr, Dancing Standing Still (2014)

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