a belated welcome

So interesting story: many of you have subscribed to this website for over 2 years (some of course much less). I have diligently been collecting and sending you quotes and poems and prayers – either excerpted from the SSU Prayer Book or newly collected from wherever – and only recently I found out that most of you (I believe except for a few who subscribed before I installed a plugin on this site) have never received notifications of any of them. Occasionally, I would post a link on Facebook or elsewhere and so the site has managed to limp along with some traffic. But apologies to all of you who have hoped for some kind of inspiration or connection to the “SSU ethos” through this subscription and clearly been sorely disappointed.

Now you are welcome to check out the site and be inspired for hours, catching up on all that you have missed! I hope that from this point, you will regularly receive an email about once a week to help you stay connected.

Final public service announcement: If you every sign up for notifications and you never receive any – you would be doing a great favour to whoever it is to drop a line and let them know 🙂

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