“God” gets stuck

Later I came under the influence of some Anglican monks who introduced me to the mystical and intellectual life…. The kind of faith that encouraged a questioning skepticism and, at the same time, a deep compassion, was new to me. I have a feeling that some of the monks would have been considered nonbelievers by many of my friends because they were too open, too ready to entertain ideas and listen to stories from other traditions. The big problem with “God” (the monks said) is idolatry. “God” gets stuck to ideas like patriotism or personal virtue – things that give us the illusion of control. Most of what we think of as God isn’t God. They taught me to be skeptical because believing was a moving target and its test was always love.

  • Alan Jones, from Reimagining Christianity

One thought on ““God” gets stuck”

  1. This is always the issue I have with a lot of Christians. God too readily gets put in a box. This past weekend I was watching TBN (Christian TV) for the first time when a woman gave a monologue about how we as Christians we need to hold our newly elected politicians to the promises they have made. Automatically I was turned off by the blatant manifest destiny in her words, the idea that America is God’s nation and so the conservative ideals the network holds dear ties in with God’s plan. I felt like God was being put in a box. As if God could only hold the conservative ideals as truth.

    I feel that if God really created this world and everything in it than wouldn’t he understand all different kinds of ideologies including political, economic, and religious? The closer we hold God to our ideology the more we miss the point of what God is all about, who God is, and how His love operates through us into the world. God is not just for those who conform, God is for all people no matter who they are and what they think. I refuse to believe in a boxed-up God and run at the idea of an all-encompassing God who transcends any one person’s expectations of who and how He is.

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