A Morning Prayer

[One of the primary purposes for this online prayer book is the maintenance and extension of a sense of community beyond the geographical bounds of St. Stephen. While we may rightly be suspicious of virtual community that substitutes for face-to-face, lived-out community, our goal is to provide nudges and reminders of a real, spiritual connection that can nourish and even subtly transform our everyday relationships wherever we are. In the midst of a society we often experience as rootless and fragmented, we hope the readings that are added weekly (some from the printed prayer book and some ‘new’) re-connect us to the breadth and depth of a faith that is both traditional and creative.

Please consider adding to the community element of this project by adding comments, by suggesting readings or links (email them to [email protected]), or by sharing posts that you find meaningful. Now – enough chat (don’t worry, I won’t disturb the readings with my rambling very often). Here’s a morning prayer written by Joel Mason that Carol and  I often start our day with]:

The sun is rising
the son has risen
the day is dawning
the day of the Lord is at hand

I will come
in my innermost self
to the courts of my God
and show myself to Him again

You dwell within me
and within the heart of my community
You dwell even in the pain
of my lack of community

wherever there is land, the solidness of rock or the comfort of grass
wherever there is water, the calm of lake or the tumult of sea
wherever there is sky, the empty expanse or the canvas filled with cloud and sun
wherever there is time, the endless waiting or the passing moment
wherever there are people, the connection of belonging or the isolation of fear
You are there
You have never left me to face life alone

be persuaded, timid soul,
that He has loved you too much to cease loving you now.

(Lectionary Scripture or reading for the day)

As I see the day stretched out before me
in all of its mystery and predictability
I give it to You
and ask that You would walk with me
through the minutes and hours
keeping me awake and available
to You and to each one that will cross my path

as the day dawns
and the sun rises
I rest in the shadow of your wings.
I rest
knowing that you are God
and that I am somehow Your friend and helper

in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

Freedom and Vulnerability, Blessing and Brokenness

Welcome to our extended SSU Community. As a new school year begins, join us in remembering this familiar prayer from the SSU Prayer Book – a prayer recited during our first worship evening on Wednesday.

Begin with Silence

Celebrant: Gathering here is an act of faith, a mysterious and joyful confession: Jesus is Lord

People: Jesus is Lord

Celebrant: We say with the saints, faithful men and woman of old

People: Intimacy with God is the source of our community’s health and well-being

Celebrant: We confess with the angels, some who rebelled and some who obeyed

People: Lack of intimacy with God is the way we measure our pain

Celebrant: We are no different from other Christian communities, some which have grown, some which have died in confusion and pain

People: Therefore Lord Jesus, make our community vigilant, skillful and sensitive in how we overcome evil. Prayer is life

Celebrant As we live life together, may we help each other on this journey

People: In freedom and vulnerability
In blessing and brokenness

Celebrant: We pray to you, Heart of our own heart, that you will make our life together a light on a hill and that you would help us on our journey

People: In freedom and vulnerability
In blessing and brokenness

Celebrant: We pray to you, Lord of life, that you would grow us into a faithful, powerful, and humble people, ready to influence the world with your ideas and our interpretation of them through informed reflection. Because of this hard task, we pray

People: Make us a witness to the Gospel-message,
a prophetic response to the social and cultural problems of our day.
If you can bring truth out of Balaam’s donkey,
surely you can work a miracle here as well:

Celebrant: We tell the story and we are the story

People: Of freedom and vulnerability, 
of blessing and brokenness

Celebrant: We tell the story and we are the story

People: That Jesus is Lord, that prayer is life

A Community Prayer

For the communities that welcomed us at our birth, showing us love and nourishment in the early years

We give you thanks, O Lord of history

For the communities that will welcome us in our futures, the communities in which we will serve and be served, love and be loved

We give you thanks, O Lord of possibilities, of hope that does not fail

For this community, for its deep nourishment to our spirits, its essential questions to our hearts, and its care of our souls, welcoming us now while calling us forward to follow Christ,

We give you thanks, O Lord of this time and place, You are our peace and our provocation

For the mystery of life that you, God of love, give in community

We give you thanks, for all this and more,

A Prayer for Times of Loneliness

call out to your savior in silence
let him hear your faithful waiting
here in this dark place
where only the candle burns to remind us that
the Lord always comes for his own

written by Joel Mason

An Advent Prayer

We wait with Mary for Christ to be formed in us,
Daring to trust this hidden womb-weaving,
And treasuring the smallest signs of growth.

As Mary took heart to see
the wondrous swelling of Elizabeth’s belly,
So the burgeoning life of God we see in others
encourages us that this sacred life grows also in us.

More and more, we long to bring Christ into the world,
Though we know that pain and labour accompany the birth of new life
As surely as joy and wonder.

Groaning and waiting,
Pregnant with hope and desire,
We prepare today a place for your coming,
Son of Mary’s womb, and Christ of our own hearts.

written by Rachael Barham