on reading the bible “toward love”

As a training ground, the Bible shows the things that God loves and the things that repel Him. Caring for those who are weak and broken is high on the list in both testaments. Doing this with kindness and mercy instead of arrogance and judgment are also important. Working humbly with Him in order to develop our own lives allows Him to enrich our experience immeasurably. And reaching out to care, in whatever ways we are good at. fills life with meaning and with joy….

I have had countless experiences of reading the Bible and suddenly knowing that I have been treating others badly by insisting on my own way. I get lost in a story and the next thing I know, a conflict with someone at home or at work plays out before my mind and I realize that I acted or spoke selfishly. Then my heart softens and I often, not always, find a way to build a bridge to the other person.

– Peter Fitch (from his recently released, Learning to Interpret Toward Love
that “describes his own story of gradually realizing that this truth would lead to a new way of seeing and accepting people with different sexuality.”)

The Strong Need The Weak

Although it’s true that the weak need the strong, the strong need the weak every bit as much. How the strong respond to the weak is their only hope of becoming human.

– Peter Fitch