Around the table on Thanksgiving

[Thoughts from Parker Palmer that might make for a more pleasant time around the Thanksgiving table…]

How do we move from “the place where we are right” to a place where we can connect with each other across our lines of difference? Here’s one way: (1) Stop throwing our values, beliefs and opinions at each other as if they were weapons in a war of words. (2) When we come to a place of deep division, invite people to talk about the life experience behind their beliefs to help us understand our differences. (3) Remember that the more you know about another person’s story, the less possible it is to distrust or dislike that person. (4) Value having relationships over being right, and the result will be more that’s right. (5) Mutual understanding always trumps winning a verbal food-fight: it’s the grown-up way to go!

2 thoughts on “Around the table on Thanksgiving”

  1. How we so complicate relationships ~ Walter thank you for the reminder of how simple connecting can be when we listen (with our heart)

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