a peculiar wisdom

SSU Field Notes cover

[a second excerpt from SSU Field Notes – this one dedicated to all our great alumni]

Leland: You were talking about how your art fit, conceptually, but then when we met you – those of us that were coming to live here in Nova Scotia – do you think that we alumni brought something of St. Stephen’s University here that you resonated with?

Judith: Yeah, I think it deepened the intrigue, because I was seeing a quality of character and what I’ve always called a “peculiar wisdom” in these people. You guys had a way of relating to the world and to each other that I haven’t seen in very many people. Like the ability to do hard work together, or experience things together. In normal circles of friendships, it was never as tight-knit, or forgiving, or gracious. Or something – there was just a difference in the way you guys related to each other. I think I saw a kind of deeper possibility for relationship than I’d experienced before, even in churches. We’d had a long experience of churches at that point, and what I experienced seeing in you guys was a deeper, cleaner, real-er way of relating.

– Judith Brannen, Nova Scotia artist who became an alumna herself, in an interview with SSU alumnus, Leland Maerz – from SSU Field Notes

[If you’re interested in one of the few remaining “limited edition” copies of SSU Field Notes (printed by Gaspereau Press) you can order one by sending an email to Lorna Jones]SSU Field Notes cover

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