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In 2008, Joel Mason, with the help of Matt Frise, the Beldale Foundation, and many others compiled an “SSU Prayer Book” as a way to embody some of the unique spiritual flavour associated with life at St. Stephen’s University. Acknowledging the ebbs and flows of life at a community like SSU, with its highs and lows, and a variety of spiritual preferences, the Prayer Book captured some of that rhythmic quality. As Joel wrote in the introduction,

we share this because we hope to believe that we are a little better at balancing than when we first began and that perhaps our journey will help both us and you find new rhythms on the sea, putting one foot (or paddle) in front of the other with God and with each other.

Walter Thiessen’s community class used that collection as a tangible means by which to enter into an SSU community experience larger than the class or the current population of the “big yellow house.” An assignment for the class was to participate in groups that creatively grapple with how the book can continue to enhance community life at SSU. In the 2011 class, one idea predominated: to achieve its purpose, a prayer book needed to be dynamic, adding and shifting with the ongoing flow of students and the voices of authors resonating with SSU values, and the best way to do this was to host an online companion site to the published prayer book.

So this is that site. Its purpose is to remind you of some of the book’s highlights (especially poems, prayers and liturgies that might be of use to you wherever you are now) and to provide you with short weekly readings (old and new) that are a taste of the “daily rhythms” that have been read before SSU meals for several years. We’d love you to subscribe to the site so that you receive these readings in your inbox and we’d also love your participation in what the site has to offer. Perhaps you want to offer a comment on the reading or suggest a link that should be included or even submit a passage of your own from something you have read or written. Hopefully this site will be one more means by which we can stay connected to each other and spiritually encouraged.

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