Prayer Before Sleep

we give you now the day as it has been

with all its hopes fulfilled and all those deferred

we give you now the day as it has been
for all that was done
and all that was left undone
it is over now and we leave it in your very capable hands, it is enough.
now we give you the night that is ahead of us
keep our bodies, minds, and spirits in complete safety
hold us in the hollow of your hand.

Reveal the night to be Yours, o God.
When we cannot see anything else, you are there.

written by Joel Mason

Community Lament

O God, we look around us today
We see a world that is broken and people in pain
How can you look on, Lord of compassion?
Does your heart break with our hearts?

Or do you see only the hardness of our hearts?
Do you see us turning from you and from each other?
There is so much darkness all around us
There is so much darkness yet inside us

Hurting and lost, we lash out against each other;
There is violence near and far.
Lord, remember us, do you see
(and hear time is given to name places
And situations of violence near and far)

All creation groans and strains
Our bodies falter and suffer
Lord, remember us, do you see
(and hear time is given to name people
And parts of creation that are ill)

Our souls cannot bear all the loss
Fear and rage overwhelm us
Lord, remember us, do you hear our silent cry
(and hear a time of silence is given
To listen to our souls)

What we feel is not your peace
What we see is not your justice
What we trust is not your love
This is not how things should be
This is not how things will be

You are present in all this mess
You will not leave us alone or unfinished
Transform us, Lord Who washes our feet
Heal our land, Lord Who forgives all
Re-create our world, Lord of Glory.

We wait for you. We wait.

written by Walter Thiessen

Real celebration of lent

Lent is famous in many circles for being that time of the year when you can’t eat chocolate, obviously this is an abstraction from the real celebration. We must have a better reason than “you’re just not supposed to” if we are to prepare to receive and celebrate the resurrected Lord.