the seeds in bad weather

[Continuing on with song excerpts for January – here’s one for a storm day:]

How would you know that something better
Wasn’t waiting for bad weather
To soak its seeds, to give you everything you need

We have a habit of
Thinking we know the way it goes
Then it goes another way….

What if we choose that we’ll let go of
All the things we’ve no control of
What if we learn to love whatever comes to be

from “Another Way” by Kina Grannis

decolonizing your garden

In March we were overcome by so many seed orders that we even had to shut down for a while in order to get them out to those who ordered them. Based on our experience, I’d say that people are planting right now at ten times the rate they were two years ago. Maybe it’s because of the pandemic. Maybe because society is finally starting to realize that we are better off growing our own food. Maybe it’s just part of a decolonizing process. I think it’s a good sign though. Planting is one way people can get back in touch with Mother Earth and understand the reciprocal relationship we have with plants.

I hope that people will come to know the need of loving the seeds, especially now in a time of global pandemic and uneasiness that we are experiencing from the Earth because of colonial foolishness. We look to the seeds to sustain our future.